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Childlike Faith




Childlike Faith

by Margaret M King

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An inspirational and educational fiction story about a nine-year-old boy's, (Nathanael a.k.a. Nate) faith, continuous prayers, being bullied, and desire to have his own drum set. Nathanael believes his brief encounter with death is nothing in comparison to being labeled as crazy by family and friends. His energy level is like a hopping kangaroo trying to escape-can his energy be managed? 'They' say, "he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and a case of Dyslexia." Have you ever ridden on a ferris wheel? Like a ferris wheel, even the simplest words can be turned around in your head. In this book, you will learn compassion, how to have a sense of humor, identify behavior problems and being able to find a solution committing to prayer. This book is recommended for fourth through eighth grade. In addition, parents who want to understand ADHD from a child's point of view.




















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Childlike Faith




Margaret M King


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